Shopping for cookware is not something that everyone wants to do. Finding the perfect cookware can be difficult. Especially if you are not sure what you should be looking for.

I learned how to shop for cookware by my grandma. She always had one saying and one saying only, “if it ain’t stainless steel, it ain’t worth buying”. Of course, I ventured out when I got my first place. There was new new cookware set that came out that was the topic of all conversations with my friends.

So I purchased it. I thought it was great and I loved it. Until my grandma bought me a stainless steel cookware set from for Christmas. I was shocked at how much I had been settling with my old cookware set.

It was the best cookware set that I have ever used and I am completely grateful that my grandma bought it for me even though I already had a cookware set.

The Best Of The Best

Since then I have tried a few different stainless steel cookware options. I have tried a few different things from different people. Surprisingly, the set that my grandma got me is still my absolute favorite. It is the best of the best. That is why when people ask me about where I got my stainless steel cookware set from, I always thank my grandma and tell them to look at Steel Cookin!

It is defiantly a site that you will need to visit yourself! You won’t be disappointed! I can promise you that!