No! It is not normal for your Egyptian cotton towels to shed. There is nothing normal about that situation and if you are experiencing this problem then something is seriously wrong.

First, you should check to make sure that the towels that you just bought are actually one hundred percent Egyptian cotton towels. There is no way and no reason that your one hundred percent Egyptian cotton towels should be shedding. Even after being wash and dried, this is not a normal occurrence with real genuine Egyptian cotton towels.

Actually, this is not normal for any Egyptian cotton fabrics. Including Egyptian cotton duvet sets like the ones found at Luxury of the Pharaohs.

The quickest way to find out if your new Egyptian cotton towels are legit is to check the tag on your towels. It should say what is is made of. If it says seventy-five percent Egyptian cotton or even ninety percent Egyptian cotton, then you have found the reason for the shedding of your towels.

If you are having other issues with your Egyptian cotton towels and are unsure if this is something that is normal, then you can get online and take a look at places like this to learn more.

The Cost of Egyptian Cotton

Another way to find out if your new towel sets are real Egyptian cotton is to sit back and think about how much money you have spent on your towel sets. If you spent a lot of money, chances are your Egyptian cotton towel set is real. If you feel like you did not spend a whole lot of money, then there is a chance that the towel set you purchased is not real Egyptian cotton and is more likely a knock off.

Genuine Egyptian cotton is fairly expensive. Most people spend fifty plus dollars on a three piece Egyptian cotton towel set. That means that you are getting one body towel, one hand towel, and one face rag for the very expensive price of fifty dollars.

Now sometimes you can get by with spending close to thirty or forty. But if you are spending that little on Egyptian cotton, then you will need to double check and make sure that the towel sets you are planning to purchase are real Egyptian cotton.

Finding the Best Egyptian Cotton

If you are looking for real Egyptian cotton towels, then you can take a look at the 5 best Egyptian cotton towels. Places like this are the kind of places that you need to purchase your Egyptian cotton towels from. That way you can be one hundred percent sure that the towel set you are getting is unique and real!

That way you don’t have to worry about things like your Egyptian cotton towel set shedding after you put it in the washer. Because lets face it, if the towels are new and they are shedding, they are either not made of good quality fabric, or there is something seriously wrong with your washing machine!

So no. It is not normal for your new Egyptian cotton towel set to shed. Actually is not normal for a used Egyptian cotton towel set to shed.

If your Egyptian cotton towel set is shedding in any way shape or form, then you need to find your receipt to return it as soon as possible. If you purchased your towel set online, then you need to get online and contact the seller so that you can ask for a replacement or a refund. This is not a normal occurrence for Egyptian cotton. Not just for the towel sets, but for bed sheets or duvets. If it is made from Egyptian cotton it is not suppose to tear easily.

Egyptian cotton is made to last. It is a durable fabric and the best quality fabric that you can have in your home. If you want something to last more than a year or two, we suggest that you get it in Egyptian cotton. Because lets face it, real genuine Egyptian cotton is not cheaply made. It is made to last you a lifetime and does not shed when you put it in the washer or dryer.